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  • Escada was founded in Munich 1976

    Escada was founded in Munich

    ESCADA was founded in Munich. The origin of the ESCADA name itself came from Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, who bet on the full-blooded Irish racing horse of the same name and won.

  • Introduction of the Escada Brand 1978

    Introduction of the Escada Brand

  • Escada enters the US market 1982

    Escada enters the US market

  • Initial public offering 1986

    Initial public offering

  • Escada Fragrance 1990

    Escada Fragrance

    Introduction of the first ESCADA fragrance.

  • Death of Margaretha Ley 1992

    Death of Margaretha Ley

    Death of Margaretha Ley, Chief Designer and Co-Founder of ESCADA.

  • The first seasonal Fragrance 1993

    The first seasonal Fragrance

    As the first fashion house ESCADA introduces a limited edition summer fragrance called "Chiffon Sorbet".

  • Escada Sport 1994

    Escada Sport

    The ESCADA SPORT line is launched.

  • Escada Eyewear 1998

    Escada Eyewear

    Introduction of ESCADA EYEWEAR.

  • Escada Accessories 2000

    Escada Accessories

    Introduction of ESCADA ACCESSORIES.

  • Megha Mittal 2009

    Megha Mittal

    ESCADA business is sold to one of the Mittal Family Trusts. Megha Mittal becomes chairman.

  • Especially Escada 2011

    Especially Escada

    Launch of ESPECIALLY ESCADA, the new ESCADA signature fragrance.

  • Escada Watches & Jewelry 2012

    Escada Watches & Jewelry

    Launch of ESCADA Watches & Jewelry.

  • Daniel Wingate 2012

    Daniel Wingate

    Daniel Wingate, previously Design Director of ESCADA, becomes Fashion Director of ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT.

  • Escada E-Store 2013

    Escada E-Store

    ESCADA launches E-commerce in Europe offering both product lines, ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT.

  • ESCADA & THE ARTS 2014


    Launch Event of ESCADA‘s first collaboration between art and fashion: Artist Thilo Westermann with Design Director Daniel Wingate at Adelson Galleries, NYC.



    All ESCADA fragrances become available online in the ESCADA E-Store.